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Izumi is an award winning international contemporary artist



Born in Tokyo Japan, Izumi studied calligraphy

under a master for 15 years in her childhood.

She earned many awards for that work.



As her work expanded to new mediums, the lines that

appear on canvas reflect her early training.



Her work shows two opposing styles.

One a bold dynamic with strong color and texture.

The other a serene tranquil zen like motif,

reflecting the craftmanship of her artistic roots.

Mixed Media and Works of ink


The mediums used for these paintings are 

acrylic paints, lacquer, enamel, house paint, Ink, home made paper, metal,ceramic, 

rope, wire, branches, seeds, and varied other found objects.


Izumi also uses just Sumi ink on rice paper 

to create works of modern calligraphy.


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